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Which binocular to bring?

EL 32 Binoculars
The small EL 32 binoculars fit perfectly in your hand, thanks to the EL wrap-around grip, and are the ideal choice where size and weight are important factors. They impress with top marks for optics and luminosity, as well as for an outstanding field of view.
CL Companion NOMAD
See the world with new eyes with the CL Companion NOMAD. Handcrafted in Austria, these are more than just binoculars. With their stunning optics, outstanding ergonomics, and finest leather armoring, they are a statement of pure elegance that appeals to all the senses.
VPA variable phone adapter
The VPA variable phone adapter connects your smartphone to SWAROVSKI OPTIK binoculars and spotting scopes so that you can take extraordinary photos and videos to keep and share.
CL Companion
You’ll never miss out with the new CL Companion. These elegant binoculars with impressive optics fit perfectly in your hand. They are always with you to ensure you make the most of every sighting.
CL Pocket
The main reason why many products are so successful is because they are intuitive and very easy to use. Along with the outstanding optical and mechanical performance, this was the key prerequisite when developing the CL Pocket binoculars. All you need to do is pick them up and enjoy the views they open up for you.