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Are you looking to maximise your railway experience? SWAROVSKI OPTIK believes that the pleasure of observing nature enriches our life and allows us to draw strength and inspiration from these ever so fleeting, yet unforgettable moments. Why not start this journey on your next train ride? ViewRopa will inspire you to get the most out of your next railway trip by enjoying sights from your train seat. With everything from spectacular places and views to history along the most popular routes in Europe. Start your journey today.

Get started

1. Choose a trainroute from the list above
2. Pick out one or several of the category tips you are interested in
3. Get inspired and happy travels!


Stop by to experience the nature, fauna and location


Unique and spectacular natural landmarks


Buildings or sights of historical value

About ViewRopa

ViewRopa is an interactive map available on both desktop and mobile devices, where you will be able to receive advice on various sights to keep a lookout for along some of Europe’s popular and most scenic train routes. The tips are divided into three categories; beautiful nature, iconic sights and historical places.

With an increasing amount of people choosing to experience Europe by train, SWAROVSKI OPTIK wants to encourage people to see the unseen. With a pair of binoculars, you will be able to experience more and see that the journey and its surrounding nature is just as beautiful as the destination itself.

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